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May 23, 2013
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DP-Who's a Gamer now by YogurthFrost DP-Who's a Gamer now by YogurthFrost
RANT: I had to PAY for this pic to be scanned! they were at a reasonable price to me, 3 pesos each scanned pages -other places the price go from 5 to 20 pesos each, I'm NOT KIDDING-, so I scanned 5 pages, This one the only colored and 4 more (two sketched pages of SW and 2 of a mini KFP comic for Kellendros to work the dialogs) plus 5 to be email to my PC so 20 pesos, I was hurt by the cost but I was Happy to finally post something then I come home after some RL things to do, I start to put Kellendros' dialogs in then I realice that the image scanned lost 1cm on the right side, there is a Deadpool's Head in his HP game bar in my sheet of paper BUT the scanned image trim 1cm of the original wide. I got pretty piss because of that and also that lowsy scanner doesn't get all the contrast or tones of the colors mine did, even if there was dust it got it in the scanned image! It's a lousy scan! I HATE IT! but it must count for something because I lost money and sanity because that trim wide. I'm REALLY down and angry of that... That scanned image it's Sh*t

PS: Kellendros please don't hate me for the BW sketch images, dude I know you will not like what you most certanlly will not see ^.^U

Well Back to Wade vs Slade and also as always Thanks to Lord Kellendros :iconlord-kellendros: for the Dialogs and Ideas and also to Azure :iconazure321: for ideas and how Deadpool act! ^_^



Many noticed the Grenade that Wade had in the past page, well so did Slade, it was an old deadly prank the Wilson used on minor targets. That's why it didn't work on Slade, who saw it coming a mile away.

But Deadpool it's Game, and also a gamer so he bust a new move from a old classic game... let see if you know which game was? :giggle:

Saddly Wade should had hit it a bit further toward to Slade but well it still count as a counter hit

NOTE: the updates will cost me money so it will take me more time than before to do, sorry but that's the ugly true... People, I no longer have an Scanner!


I hope you guys like it! ^_^

...Because I pay for it! :XD:

:bulletblack: THIS SAGA STARTS HERE:
Comic of JLA - Date... NOW: [link]

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totally a deadpool move
my god your comics are AWESOME!!!!!!!  i started reading them scince the start an i love them, when will you continue making them bro?
This is good. I mean really good. It's funny, it's captures the two perfectly, how many times can I add to my faves? Love it
Can't wait for more :D
Hey, how including a segment that's similar to this (Ravager and Deadpool) into the story?
Guy buvububyyvyvybyx Rd ysh affect ycr CT vrz th forgot to JFK MAKE ANTHER ONE DISHARMONY
how long till a new one?
DEAD FIGHTERS II!!!! :Sparta: 
jaydee0527 Feb 4, 2014  Student Writer
I have read all of your work! You are great, and I would pay for your work! Heck, Stan lee himself would like this, and Bruce Timm would like your style.
Ha Hah! "Street Fighter" reference.  For the next bit of this epic battle of super assassin epicness, Throw in some elements from the 2013 Deadpool game.
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