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Juan Carlos Salazar
Hiyas! I have had a BAD, and I mean real bad month of July -I even was happy and thought all was over then but just I jump the gun- and also bad starting August but before the anger and classical pushing me and Kellendros for the Star War comic updates, that hateful fan comic that all you all hate! there is a funny fact. :)

I watch at the pages size an man it were tiny now, in my old win98 PC it looked HUGE but now in winXP not so much, so I'm changing the old pages into a bigger format.  Eww my Art had really improved with time because some pages are ugly now, still I only managed to get until page 11 but I will keep going, and also re-updated and now Ultra censored the pages that ALWAYS are taken down for the Adult content, now it really PG-13 Safe and still make sense. SO it still counts like new updates on the comic? I would like to think yes! :giggle:

Also there are upcoming updates...

:bulletblack: Kigo themed.- A cool Corscan vs Kim Possible battle with Eskrima sticks.

:bulletblack: Star Wars.- ONE page for Star Wars going against Destiny. Just inked not colors in it yet

:bulletblack: Deadpool.-I would love to do a DP with Wade and Slade BUT I want and will re-do the whole page because I hate how it looks now... and I think I can do better! ^^;

This will be most likely be done next week or in two week tops.

Remembers nobody pay us and the comics are free so please don't push us around so much. We are nice people and we like what we do, so don't make us hate this thing!

NOTE: This estimated are subject of change of my personal bad luck, which has became kind of a returning gag for me and Kellendros, seriously! :giggle:
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hellobobo Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014
Listen, I'm not bashing you or anything, I just want to know why you have the Amazons being like 10 ft tall towering everyone? I just want to know why you made that decision.
YogurthFrost Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Because I LIKE it that way!

To me the Amazons are suppoused to be like that. When you make a fan comic do it the way YOU want it because it's not cannon, hense the FAN comic.

hellobobo Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Listen, I don't mean to criticize; I like how the amazons are in your head canon, I was just curious on what got you to make them bigger.
YogurthFrost Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Ok, the answer it's still the same, I like it that way.
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chano98 Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2014
Dear sir or mam I wish to inform you that I had made a fan-fic that has some scenes that were inspired by your "" saga.I am trying to say don't be mad at me i like your work
YogurthFrost Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
YOU! How DARE YOU! :devil:

Nah, just kidding, We are cool, just give us credit! Send me a link I would like to see it!

And I'm a Sir or Dude or a Guy a Yogurth! ;)
chano98 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
thanks,but there one it sounds dumb i know but i don't know how to link stuff but will try
TheValefor Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Hola de nuevo compañero Yogurth, como has estado?

Excelentes actualizaciones de "Against Destiny" la espera valio la pena, sol tengo dos preguntas amigo: 1 - Tomaste en consideracion lo de la boda de Annakin y Ahska? y 2 - Habra mas partes para adultos e.e?

Porcierto, si me das consejos para hacer comics, seria genial, pues estoy por empezar el mio. Cuidate ^^
YogurthFrost Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2014
Hola Compa! :giggle: Tristemente no muy bien pero ahí ando!

1.- Yeap, va haber una, muy corta solo unas escenas y ya. Lo que si no me decido en que planeta, tengo que hablarlo con Kellendros.

2.- Esa pregunta ya la han hecho bastante pero si va haber escenas para adultos denuevo... no muchas

Tips, pues no soy quedigas muy bueno en fan-comics, pero echando a perder se aprende asi que si puedo te doy tips! ^_^
TheValefor Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Enserio? Espero se mejoren las cosas para ti 

1.- Me alegro >u<, y de cuantas escenas hablamos? Una pagina o dos? En cuanto al planta, pòrque no la capital de la Alianza de Vader sea cual sea?

2.- Esta bien, digo pienso que su reencuentro necesita algo de pasion no XD?.

3.- Y con lo de bumpy road que dijiste, a que te referias?

4.- Cuando Barris se unira a Annakin y Ahsoka? Estara bajo el mando de Ahsoka XD?

5.- Y por ultimo, si aceptas ideas, porque no le das a Ahsoka un/una aprendis? Seria interesante verla desarrollarse como Maestra

Cuidate amigo, y avisame si decides darle una historia al Luke y Leia de Anakin y Ahsoka XD
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